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The enzyme class of protein kinases comprises several hundred different genes and is the second largest protein family in the human genome. These regulatory enzymes control most of the functions in metabolism, growth and differentiation of various cell types and thus play a key role in the onset of several diseases like cancer.

Please take a look at our short introduction first. Here you will find a short summary about the family of protein kinases, what they do in the cells and how they were discovered. Moreover, you will find further information about the various subfamilies of protein kinases and their properties like specificity, regulation, occurence and functions.

But perhaps you might also be interested in our link collection containing a large number of links to data bases and online available scientific journals as well as possibilities for literature search. In our book list you will find several textbooks and manuals as well as specialised books covering this interesting topic with a direct link for ordering these items at our partner amazon.


For those who are scientifically interested in protein kinases there are more information about this class of enzymes on the protein kinase server of the University of San Diego (UCSD) Supercomputer Center. Please click on the picture to follow this link.



On this server you will find comprehensive information about the amino acid sequences of various protein kinases, their clasification in several subgroups and about the role protein kinases play in the onset of a number of diseases. Furthermore there are also structural information, helpful protocols, i.e. for measuring phosphorylation activities or purification of protein kinases, and a list of people involved in protein kinases research.